Everything started with one pen!
Hey there,

Four years ago, Jim approached me with a pen in his hand. He was shaking. I could tell he was very nervous.

It was the first time in his life he walked into a place like that, he told me.

He would not let go of the pen. He was still shaking.

After a couple of minutes of chatting and making him feel comfortable, we went into a tour of the place.

He kept fidgeting with the pen. It was driving me a bit crazy, to be honest. So I asked him: "Hey Jim, so tell me about that pen, why do you keep it with you?"

He ignored my question and kept asking questions about what we did. I immediately performed my best version of our 30-second pitch.

"Did it work?" I asked myself.

After what it felt like 20 minutes, he smiled and he said: "Let's do it!"

I sold a fitness membership! So stoked! "I wish everyone was that easy", I thought.

I had no idea what I was doing.

"Hey Jim, what's with the pen?" I asked him as he was completing the paperwork.

He smiled, signed the paperwork and left without telling me.

He became one of our studio's success stories! He came every day and his transformation was incredible. He was the perfect customer! 

This was one of my first experiences selling in a professional environment.

I thought back then my 30-second pitch did it. I thought it allowed me and my team to sell more than 1,500 fitness memberships in less than 3 years.

I was so wrong!

The pitch was the tip of the iceberg. There are so many other things that happen under the surface. So many!

And that pen started it all.

Let me explain, there are 3 Core Beliefs everyone goes through when buying something.

Only when we solve all those 3 Beliefs is when the sale can happen.

You see... "Marketing is the act of changing beliefs with the intent of a sale" - Steve Larsen

(Insert mind-blown emoji here)

Do you think Marketing and Sales are two different processes?

Most businesses have it all wrong... and that's why they are not getting quality leads, and above all, customers that love the product.

Everyone loves to buy. Jim definitely did. He did not hesitate. He was our dream customer.

That's why those "expensive" Facebook Ads are not working the way you want to.

That's why those leads you are getting are not "qualified".

That's why your team can't close deals.

I did not know it at the time, but Jim changed all three beliefs before he even came into our studio.

Let me explain...

Everything started when our team gave him the pen in a "marketing outing".

Then this happened before he stepped into our location.

- Belief #1: The Vehicle

"Is this gym going to work for me?" He asked himself.

He was not happy with his current situation. He was gaining weight and needed to jump into a new vehicle to solve that problem.

He looked at several videos, asked how the workout was, and what was the focus of the classes.

It was a good fit for him. He decided our studio was the vehicle he wanted to jump in to get the results he wanted.

First belief changed!

- Belief#2: Internal

"Can I do it?" He asked himself.

He later talked to one of our members that had a similar story. That member had an amazing experience and told him he should do it. Proof of concept right there.

Second belief changed!

- Belief #3: External

"Can I afford it? Can I attend classes with my crazy schedule?"

Anything that could interfere with his decision came to mind. Lucky him! We had solutions. A flexible payment plan, a schedule starting at 5 am and an incredible Guarantee. No room for excuses.

Third belief changed!

This is the reason Jim bought. All his beliefs changed and we made the sale.

Marketing in its true form. 

I wish I would have known these since day one at that job.

Most businesses don't know these frameworks.

They are losing thousands, if not millions of dollars. They don't understand how to find and collect their dream customer.

Are you one of them?

These frameworks work and we want to help you.

They are the reason we were able to generate 1,200 qualified leads in 2 days with only 6 emails ($60,000 value).

They are the reason we were able to generate $10,000 of revenue with a 24-hour course flash launch (with no Ad budget).

They are the reason Steve sold $1.9 Million in a 2-day event.... after only 2 years in business, with 3 people on his team!

Want to know how can we use these frameworks in your business?

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